About Us

Elakkia is a subsidiary company from Ruby's Food Group, a Savouries and Frozen Foods Company providing customers with their favourite savoury snacks and ready to eat Microwavable meals.

Based in West London, At Elakkia we pride ourselves to be at the forefront and market Leader of Sri Lankan & South Indian Foods.

We have penetrated the market with our products and dominating any competition because of our branding and reputation - Elakkia a brand popular by demand, has been established for 'x' years and is a part of the renowned Ruby's Food Group, who has been offering prestige catering services for all occasions for over 20 years. These many years in the food industry has given us the edge in providing our Elakkia products at a quality to a customer base who wants to enjoy the taste of their ethnic routes, at an easy low cost that will leave you, our customer, incredibly satisfied. This is the mission statement at Ruby's Group – But our promise to you!

We are now pioneering Ready-to-Eat Microwavable meals. Our range of Sri Lankan & South Indian Frozen Foods. We hope to revolutionize the niche market by meeting customer needs and delivering specific products by customer demand at the highest quality.

We ensure this How – Our production Management has fined tuned its operations to make sure each and every product whether it is frozen or savoury to be delivered in the best condition preserving the taste and freshness.

Today we are one of the largest distributors of Sri Lankan & South Indian Foods reaching UK and Europe. Elakkia Savouries products has already reached Continental Europe and hitting shelves of retailers in the UK all year round.